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2011 Drifter CS 1000 OK

The designers of Aquanaut have succeeded in combining the sturdy lines of the Drifter with the features one would expect from open cockpit models.


Length Overall:33' 2"ft

Aquanaut Drifter CS OK:

Especially in the Netherlands the open cockpit models are very popular. Not without reason because to some boat owners they offer some remarkable advantages above the other models. In relation to its length the Drifter OK has a reduced air draught, thanks to which many attractive boating areas in Holland may be reached without being dependent on the opening times of the bridges. And the skipper will be grateful as he will be "free to cruise" even when the sign is "red".

Sitting in the open cockpit the distance from the water is small and one has closer contact with the surroundings. Of course the cockpit is self draining and laid with teak.

All four doors to the cockpit open fully; in the open position they give protection against the wind. Turn the boat into the wind and start enjoying the benefits of the open cockpit. The multi chine hull provides good sailing characteristics.

The base of the saloon windows has been set at a level to provide skipper and crew with a good view all around. No wonder that, thanks to all these qualities, more and more of Drifter Ok models are sold also outside Holland.

Aquanaut Drifter CS OK Interior:

You will want a very special reason to voluntarily leave the ship.

ID: 4040

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